Arcade Games in The MagPi #78

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

Build a Pinball Machine, Code a 3D adventure and play PC games in The MagPi #78

Discover a triple-bill of neat arcade game projects in The MagPi #78.

  • Build a Pinball Machine
  • Code a 3D adventure
  • Play PC games

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Arcade Games

Gaming is a way we learn over on The MagPi, and we've got three amazing projects that are fun and functional.

One The MagPi reader Martin Kauss has turned an old kid's bed into a fully-functioning Pinball Machine. We just had to show you how; our Build a Pinball machine is a step-by-step guide to making a ball-flipper of your own.

We were delighted this month when Steam brought its amazing Steam Link technology to Raspberry Pi. With Steam Link you can stream PC games on a Raspberry Pi. Discover how to turn your Raspberry Pi into a full PC gaming machine and take your games to the television.

Plus! Mark Vanstone has been making some amazing games with Raspberry Pi. This month he brings all his Python gaming tutorial skills together for a grand adventure. Discover how to build a 3D adventure game.

 Discover a range of Arcade Games projects in The MagPi 78

Discover APIs and Build a Fortnite Tracker

APIs (application programming interfaces) sit at the heart of many builds. With a good API you can hook a Raspberry Pi up to an internet service and make all kinds of weird and wonderful things. Like this Fortnite Ticker (which displays your score).

 Build a Fortnite Sense HAT ticker with Raspberry Pi

Community interviews: Lisa Rode

Raspberry Pi is as a community, and every issue of The MagPi is packed with community news. This month we interview Lisa Rode, who brings robots to the classroom and creates incredible Computer Science lessons.

 Lisa Rode interview

Make a Sense HAT MP3 player

Remember Mp3 players? Building your own is a fantastic project and you can learn how to control media, play audio, and use the Controls on a Sense HAT to skip and select tracks. We even create a disco effect using the LEDs on a Sense HAT board.

 Make a Sense HAT MP3 Player

There's a lot more to discover in The MagPi #78. Martin Mander has updated his retro television to use the DVB TV Hat; PJ Evans shows us how to make a working telephone exchange and Rob Zwetsloot shares the top 10 wearable projects.

Plus! Win one of two PiDP-11 Retro Computers.

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