Automate your home in The MagPi #70

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

The Raspberry Pi is the perfect device for home automation. It's small, easily programmable and those GPIO pins can connect to just about anything.

It's no wonder that hacking the home is one of the most popular uses for the Raspberry Pi, and this month we take a look at dozens of different examples. Learn how to:

  • Control power sockets with Python.
  • Keep an eye on your electricity usage.
  • Monitor doors and smart doorbells.
  • Build a smart CCTV system.
  • Make a smart fish rank (using a temperature sensor).
  • Plus! 10 practical home projects to try out.

 Teslonda is a Honda car rebuilt using a Tesla power train. The dashboard is built using a Raspberry Pi

Plus! Upcycle old tech; Teslonda car; cocktail machines and more

The Teslonda is half Tesla, half Honda and all-round amazing. It's controlled using a Raspberry Pi and has quickly become a team favourite.

We also look at upcycling old tech around the home into new smart projects with Raspberry Pi. Turn retro phones, stereo systems, and classic toys into modern masterpieces by squeezing a Pi Zero W inside.

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