How to get The MagPi 40 and your free Raspberry Pi Zero

By Russell Barnes. Posted

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Yesterday was a bit bananas, then. We printed more copies of The MagPi 40 than usual and of course everyone and their dog AND their dog's puppies wanted a copy.

Don't fret if you haven't managed to get your hands on MagPi 40 and its free Pi Zero yet. We're getting more stock in, and there are reports of issues still out there in the wild.

For you intrepid adventurers, we've just this morning managed to create this map of everywhere in the UK that was getting The MagPi 40 in this month. Now we must stress, we don't know which of these stores have sold out or not, so your best bet is to ring ahead to find out and avoid disappointment.

If you do find any spare copies of The MagPi 40 in the wild, send us a tweet to @TheMagP1 and we can let other people know who have been searching for a copy.

To guarantee yourself a copy you can take out a subscription for The MagPi which will include issue 40 and a cable bundle for the free Raspberry Pi you'll get with it. Subscriptions start from £12.99/$37.50.

Otherwise, you can sign up to our newsletter to be notified as soon as any more stock is available. We're trying to get some in ASAP, with our current estimate of new issues being available on 10 December.

Happy hunting!