50 Greatest Raspberry Pi projects: The MagPi 50

By Russell Barnes. Posted

Inside the special 50th edition of The MagPi. The best builds created by the Raspberry Pi community, 10 million Raspberry Pi devices sold and a whole lot more

Issue 50 of The MagPi was always going to be special for us. It's not everyday you turn 50 after all.

But the Raspberry Pi isn't about us, it's about the community. So we've turned the biggest, shiniest spotlight we could on The 50 Greatest Raspberry Pi Projects.

(Speaking of shiny! Wait till you see the foil silver cover.)

Inside issue 50 of The MagPi

 The 50 Greatest Raspberry Pi projects

We wanted the judging of the best 50 projects to be a group affair. So we asked Raspberry Pi fans to vote for their favourite projects. You voted in your thousands, and most of the projects (including the Top 20) are voted for by the community.

Alongside reader voting, we got a selection of the best judges, including Eben Upton, Philip Colligan and Liz Upton to tell us their favourite projects.

The result is an incredible list of builds. Everything from racing cars to retro jars; micro robotics all the way up to grand art installations. The collection is an amazing testament to what is possible with just a microcomputer and a spark of imagination.

It's almost like nothing else happened. Oh, apart from ALL OF THIS:

  • 10 Million Raspberry Pi devices sold. We get deliver the inside report on what it's like to create the best-selling British computer of all time.
  • Introducing PIXEL. The Raspberry Pi has an incredible new desktop interface, packed with new features and a much more visually impressive look.
  • A brilliant tutorial a building Portable Action Cam capable of shooting 90 frames-per-second.
  • One for surveillance fans. How to build a Car Monitoring System that photographs and recognises number plates.
  • A fantastic guide to making your own Arcade Cabinet.

There's also some great reviews, community events and a stack of easy-to-follow tutorials (including a guide to a wonderful new image-burning app Etcher). It's been a busy month!

You can grab the latest issue of The MagPi in stores today from WH Smith, Tesco, Asda, and Sainsburys. Move quickly as this one looks like it'll be sold out soon. The MagPi is also available in print online from our store, and digitally on our Android and iOS app.

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