Make your own video games in The MagPi #73

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

Design, create and distribute your own games with a Raspberry Pi

It's never been easier to make and publish your own video games. And the Raspberry Pi is the perfect platform for gaming.

In The MagPi magazine issue 73, we look at how to design video games and use a variety of Raspberry Pi tools to bring your ideas to life. We also look at how to distribute your games, so others can play them; and how to join game jams and community groups.

AIY Edge TPU Accelerator

Google is back with an all-new device for Raspberry Pi. The AIY Edge TPU Accelerator is a small dongle you attach to a Raspberry Pi. When connected it vastly speeds up the speed of AI models, enabling your Raspberry Pi to quickly detect objects in images or video streams, and perform text recognition and creation.

 The Edge TPU Accelerator

Maker Faire Tokyo

Roving reporter Rob Zwetsloot headed to Tokyo this month to check out the Japanese Raspberry Pi community. This incredibly inventive community has some incredible inventions to show off.

 Maker Faire Tokyo

Also inside this issue

  • BBC Computer Literacy Programme returns. Learn to code with these classic TV shows.
  • Race AI cars with Formula Pi. We go behind the scenes with this amazing real-life race that uses AI robots.
  • Build a Teenage Dinner Klaxon. No more yelling "DINNER" to the kids, thanks to this smart home project.
  • Home Security. Great projects for keeping your house secure.
  • The Top 10 Raspberry Pi robots. Discover the best kits for robotic antics.
  • And much more

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