Get Nagios on Raspberry Pi with NEMS Linux

By Rob Zwetsloot. Posted

NEMS is the Nagios Enterprise Monitoring Server, and NEMS 1.4.1 is available for Raspberry Pi

We often hear about how the Raspberry Pi is used by business and enterprise in industrial applications and in the server room. While the Pi was developed with educational abilities in mind, many of its features make it very well suited for these high-level applications. With the hardware, you need software though, and NEMS Linux is one solution for this.

NEMS Linux is based on Nagios Core, and pre-configured as an image ready to be used straight-away with a Raspbery Pi 3. It’s great for monitoring networks and network services, along with resources such as disk space and processor load. It’s generally pretty easy to use and runs on the Raspberry Pi to help save a few pennies on the electricity bill. Because of this, it’s also pretty handy to use on your home network if you need it.

You can check out NEMS Linux 1.4.1 on the NEMS website, along with some more details on this particular distro.