Learn to code in our Scratch Essentials book

By Russell Barnes. Posted

Make the most of the building-block programming language with our book on learning Scratch for kids and adults

One of the core parts of any programming language is the logic and flow of the code. If statements, loops, functions, etc. It's one thing to learn how a specific language works but understanding the core of programming can help immeasurably.

Introducing our Scratch Essentials book, Learn to code in Scratch. Scratch is a great way to build up this core programming knowledge thanks to the way it uses building-blocks of code to do this, and it's all very visual so you can see how you're building it.

 Get started with Scratch and learn the basics of coding today

Learn to code with Scratch is available now and takes you from the very beginnings of learning the blocks to creating animations and games to play as well. There's even a bit on how to control electronic circuits with it like you can in Python!

The Scratch Essentials book is available right now on our app, which is available on Android and iOS. You can also download the free PDF for it as well! Stay tuned for news on a print version in the future.

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