Secure your Raspberry Pi with ZYMKEY

By Russell Barnes. Posted

Add security to your Raspberry Pi and software by backing the ZYMKEY Kickstarter for private USB and GPIO secure keys

Security is increasingly becoming a concern for computer users, and the Raspberry Pi really should not be the exception to the rule. Although a lot of people use it here and there for fun little projects at home, others take it to meets and maker spaces to show off more elaborate setups. Information can easily be accessed and stolen via the SD cards and other storage due to the nature of the Pi, and there’s very little defense against it.

 All you need to stay secure

Enter the ZYMKEY, a physical deterrent to people doing the unquestionable. Both a USB and GPIO header version can be plugged into your Pi with their own embedded private key that makes it much more difficult for people to steal your personal information.

These crypto keys, while an excellent deterrent, need your support to become a reality. The creators at Zymbit are currently Kickstarting the production for the ZYMKEY and need your help to make it a reality. Head over to their Kickstarter page for more information, tech specs and an explanation of their cloud service attached to the project.

Let’s keep our systems secure!

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