Become a maestro with Code Music with Sonic Pi

By Russell Barnes. Posted

The Sonic Pi Essentials ebook is out right now, with everything you need to learn how to use Sonic Pi and become the next most important living artist

Sonic Pi is the fantastic music coding software available on the Raspberry Pi, allowing you to code and create your very own music. Sonic Pi is very powerful and flexible, even allowing for modifying the code on the fly to create interactive and amazing live sets. So with all that in mind, we're very proud to announce that our fourth Essentials book is Code Music with Sonic Pi!

 Amen breaks, Bizet beats, Mincraft VJs and more in Sonic Pi Essentials

Written by the creator of Sonic Pi himself, Sam Aaron, the book teaches you how to go from Sonic Pi novice to Sonic Pi MC. The book teaches you how to master live loops for your live shows, create classic drum breaks, compose your own melodies and random riffs, and even hook Sonic Pi up to Minecraft to create amazing visualisations along with your shows.

You can grab the new ebook from our Android and iOS app, or of course you can always grab the free PDF from the issue page. A lot of people have also been asking if we'll be printing this and other Essentials books – we've heard you and you should probably watch this space for news about that very soon.