WebKiosk 7 for Raspberry Pi released

By Russell Barnes. Posted

Signage and kiosk OS specialist Binary Emotions has released Raspberry WebKiosk 7, completing the migration of its bespoke digital signage and kiosk operating systems to Raspbian Stretch.

According to Binary Emotions’ Marco Buratto, “Raspberry WebKiosk is designed for the cheapest possible web kiosks and multi-user web workstations,” making the OS ideal for computer terminals in cafes, waiting areas, libraries, and other public spaces.

WebKiosk 7 for Raspberry Pi

Marco adds: “Raspberry WebKiosk is a browser-only … hacker-proof operating system [which uses Chromium and] supports printing. System parameters are set by a user-friendly web interface”.

Raspberry WebKiosk is the last of Binary Emotions’ offerings to be updated to Raspbian Stretch, with the Raspberry Digital Signage and Raspberry Slideshow OSes already updated.

While Raspbian Digital Signage is intended for a permanent, internet-enabled digital sign or display, Raspberry Slideshow is “focused on quick-to-set-up image and video slideshows” running image and videos from a USB drive.

You can download these OSes for free from binaryemotions.com.