Sponsored! Add AI to your project & pi3g will supply the kit

By The MagPi. Posted

AIY Projects and Coral are powerful AI (artificial intelligence) kits you can use with your Raspberry Pi. All three different products are now available via pi3g (an official distributor for Google Coral & AIY Projects).

pi3g plans to celebrate AIY Projects and Coral by giving away five AIY Voice Lot v2, AIY Vision, or Coral USB Accelerator units to The MagPi readers. And we will make sure the world gets to see your creation!

All you have to do is tell us what you plan to make with your AIY Voice Kit, AIY Vision Kit, or USB Accelerator. If your project is selected, pi3g will send you the kit you need and you will appear in a future edition of The MagPi magazine.

The AIY Voice Kit v2 enables you to explore voice recognition and natural language.

Using AIY Vision Kit you build an intelligent camera that identifies objects.

Both AIY Voice v2 and AIY Vision kits include a Raspberry Pi Zero WH and the cardboard DIY cases (for easy assembly and no soldering required!).

The Coral USB Accelerator brings the Edge TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) to Raspberry Pi. TPU is Google’s purpose-built chip designed to run AI at the edge: your projects are capable of performing fast and efficient AI calculations. Add features such as real-time object recognition and classification, speech processing, and smart decision making. All while maintaining data privacy! It goes great with Raspberry Pi 4’s USB 3.0 port.

So don’t delay! Let us know today what you could do with artificial intelligence.

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